Ship's Store for Sails

As part of our ongoing service to our members as well as the public and to raise funds to support our youth scholarship program, the Society offers sails on various Tall Ships throughout the year.
Sails are priced at four levels: the cost to a member, the cost for a non-society member who is sailing with a Society member, the cost to the general public, and lastly, the cost for a youth sailing with one of the first three categories. Click on the ticket categories button for a more detailed explanation of this structure.
To reserve space on any of these sails, enter the number of tickets in each category for the desired sail. Clicking the "calculate" button (at the end of the list of sails) will show you the total cost for all of the tickets ordered.
You can purchase sails immediately through PayPal® or you can print this form and mail it with your check as indicated on the form*. The Society does not accept credit card payments except through PayPal®. Please be aware that, when choosing to pay by mailed check, the sail could sell out by the time we receive your reservation. If this occurs we will place you on a waiting list and notify you by phone or electronic message (e-mail) of this situation. You will then be contacted if any cancellations are received but if none occur we will destroy your check.

* This web site uses Java Scrip to calculate your order. If you have turned that facility off on your computer you will need to print this page, fill it in manually and mail it with your payment by check.

Sail Event



Ticket Categories


Saturday September 6th


boarding details to be provided to participants
Member tickets @ $45 

Guests tickets @ $55 

Non-Member tickets @ $0 

Youth tickets @ $0 




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Just check the membership level desired (see ticket categories for further information) and we will add the cost of your membership to your order.
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    Individual $50.00
    Family $85.00
    Sponsor $130.00
    Patron $250.00



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You may place your order online and pay for your sails through PayPal® by clicking on this button.

It is not necessary to have a PayPal® account, you may use your credit card!


We have established a $5.00 charge for Members Only sails to allow you to reserve through PayPal® when selecting just these sails. When possible we will have beverage service for these sails to compensate for this cost.


Individuals holding an incorrect ticket (i.e. a member's ticket when not a member) will have the option of either paying the difference between the two ticket prices or purchasing a membership when boarding.
Payments dockside at the boat must be in cash only as we have no faciilities to accept credit cards or checks at the boat.

Alternatively, if you wish to pay by check print this form by clicking this button and mailing your order.

Send printed form with payment to:

Golden Gate Tall Ships Society
P.O. Box 926
Sausalito CA 94966-0926

72 hour cancellation notice: payments can not be refunded if cancelled within 72 hours of departure. However, reservations are transferable.
Sail fees are a tax-deductable contribution to the Society to the extent allowed by law.