Society Events

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The Society sponsors a number of events throughout the year for the benefit of our members and the Society. Some of the events are fund raisers that provide the monetary resources we need for our Scholarship fund. Fund raisers are open to the general public as well as members but in nearly all cases members will receive a discounted fee.
Some events, such as your crewing of Alma for the Master Mariners race are open only to members of the Society and are a benefit of your membership.
Our meetings are open to anyone desiring to attend, however, we ask a small donation of non-members to cover meeting expenses.
We also list on this page events outside the Bay Area that we feel our membership might be interested in knowing about.

Local Events - San Francisco

Anchor Throughout the year! Join your board of directors for their monthly meeting and become involved in your society. All members are always welcome as we meet to discuss scholarships, programs and sails.
Meetings are generally held at the Sausalito Yacht Club. It is, however, wise to give us a call at 415.251.8779 to make sure that the meeting is still on and at that the location has not changed.
Also we usually share a dinner; either something being served by the club or something we bring in so if you want to join us (Dutch treat) for dinner we need to know you are coming!
This year we are meeting on the following days:
  • December... we take the month off! Happy Holidays!


World Wide

2012 - 2015 Commemorating the War of 1812

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, the war that established the United States' as a naval power to be reckoned with, gave us our National Anthem and continues to provide fertile ground for writers of naval historical fiction. Lasting from June 18th when the United States declared war on Great Britain to February 19th of 1815, the war saw numerous naval and land actions that defined much of what the United States was and is. Click the anchor icon to see the latest information on this event.

Events are planned throughout the United States, including of course, Navy Fleet Week here in San Francisco this coming October. Check out the War of 1812 Web site list of these activities for complete details!